Passenger Side has arrived!

It’s official, Passenger Side is out now! Click the link in the sidebar to get your copy from our bandcamp store, or look at the “Buy” tab to see a list of online and brick-and-mortar stores who carry Passenger Side.

Here are a few of the things folks are saying about the new EP:

“Wells-next-the-Sea ups the production ante from their previous releases Guest House and Homes So Airtight for a fuller sound on Passenger Side. Nowhere is this more evident than on the broad shouldered, full band sound of “Chicago,” the centerpiece of this fine, five-song EP.

Fans of The Head and the Heart, The Weepies, Kings of Convenience, Cotton Jones, et al. take note. With Passenger Side Chicago’s Wells-next-the-Sea moves over squarely behind the wheel of the alt-rock vehicle.”
Bill Dalton, former editor of IE, the Illinois Entertainer

“Riding high on the current wave of folk-rock that has recently taken-over the airwaves across America, the Chicago collective Wells-next-the-Sea are quickly demonstrating that their intimate words and heart-felt sounds are more than just a temporary gimmick but instead a direct representation of the honest sound they have manage to perfect over the past few years. Captivating and enthralling, while still maintaining a certain level of intimacy in a minimalist approach, the newest single “Chicago” from Wells-next-the-Sea is nothing short of a beautiful tune.”

“This is an excellent Indie/Folk record that I will enjoy listening to repeatedly, but alas it is too damn short! I hope to see a full length album from this current line up in the very near future. 5 Stars”
Popa’s Tunes

“Dann Morr and Brennan Mackey have put together some really well crafted song-writing, and there is some really amazing delicate vocal harmonies between the boys and Liz Barnett on this EP which were very welcoming.  I am looking forward to more from this band in the future, and I believe I will giving this release a spin this evening as the day slows down and grab myself a smoke and a beer and head out on the porch to take in the setting sun.”
One Kind Radio

“The first strains of “With Our Eyes Closed” evoke a subdued Tom Petty on the morning after a bad break up…It’s the kind of meat-and-potatoes songwriting that is increasingly rare; a pleasantly arranged song that reveals thoughtful and troubling lyrical content upon multiple listens. Also, the talent of Dann [Morr]’s band members cannot go ignored. Liz Barnett’s weaving violin lines and Brennan Mackey’s classic guitar jangle give the track a warmth that cuts against all the doubting: “You’re wasting my light / you’re wasting your life.”
Indie Monday



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